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May 31 - On the Road to Lake Bohinj

We woke up wondering where we would go today. The idea of heading up to the mountains to visit Jurij's friend was intriguing, but we were thinking that having a vacation from our vacation was even more attractive. We had been planning to hole up somewhere around Lake Bled for a few days anyway and finally opted for that. It looked like a fairly easy drive, so off we went . . . into what became truly a cross-country adventure. You see, apparently there was a big meeting at Lake Bled on Friday with heads of state from all over Europe attending. The main highway to Bled was closed and there were police at all the crossroads diverting traffic. We figured there must be some way to get there, so off we headed into the boonies . . . and the boonies of Slovenia are as boony as it gets! Of course, our map only showed the major towns so we were flying blind most of the time. At one point, we even found ourselves on a one-lane dirt track through the forest!

But perseverance prevailed and we eventually joined a line of cars headed into Lake Bled. You can imagine that the town was even more restricted than the highways, so we worked our way around the lake and headed down to Lake Bohinj which many Slovenians think is prettier than Lake Bled. It is certainly larger and less developed, both plusses in our book! By now, our expected 2-hour trip had been closer to four hours, so lunch was the first order of the day. The café at the Hotel Jezero beckoned and we re-charged while we plotted the next order of business, finding a place to stay. There are not all that many options at Bohinj - and we were surprised that there was nothing with a direct view of the lake itself -- but we drove around and checked them all out, finally settling in the Hotel Bellevue, an old stone hotel high on a hill overlooking the lake whose major claim to fame seems to be that the famous British mystery writer, Agatha Christie, once stayed here. The room is small but the view is terrific (see the photo). The only problem is that they can only take us for one night so we have to do the lodging hunt all over again!

Dinner was at a little gastiše in the next town. Nothing special but good food at a decent price. I was also finally able to get my computer connected to the web so what was left of the rest of the evening was about getting somewhat caught up on messages.

On the road to Lake Bohinj

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