Watch this site for the daily diary of a wandering restaurateur in Provence.

The first pass on the daily diary may be posted in a rather abbreviated format just due to time pressures. As other thoughts occur -- or as I notice typos -- I'll frequently update previously posted pages with additional commentary and new photos. After all, good writing is good re-writing and the author in me is always seeking to clarify and amplify my thoughts. So if you find the running commentary interesting, you might want to re-check some of the past days' write-ups for additions and corrections.

Fortunately, wifi has made Internet connections much easier to find, so access isn't the problem it once was. But despite the hours I devote to it (and it takes several hours each day), my purpose in making the trip is not to produce a daily report on schedule! While I strive to write the diary every day, it doesn't always happen, so it may not be posted at the same time every day. Relax and have patience.

Sunday, December 13 - Seattle to Nice via Paris
Monday, December 14 - A Night in Nice
Tuesday, December 15 - The Road to L'Isle
Wednesday, December 16 - Chillin' in the 'Hood
Thursday, December 17 - The Market Comes to Town
Friday, December 18 - And a River Runs Through It
Saturday, December 19 - Street Walking

Sunday, December 20 - Chickening Out at the Market
Monday, December 21 - Another Close Call
Tuesday, December 22 - Laundry Day
Wednesday, December 23 - Pont du Gard
Thursday, December 24 - Christmas Eve
Friday, December 25 - Joyeaux Noel
Saturday, December 26 - Happy Anniversary to Us!

Sunday, December 27 - Paris to Seattle

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