Watch this site for the daily diary of a wandering restaurateur in Turkey.

The daily diary often first gets posted in a rather abbreviated format just due to time pressures. As other thoughts occur, I will frequently update previously posted pages with additional commentary (must be the author in me) and new photos.

All this is just to say that if you find the running commentary interesting, you might want to re-check some of the past days' write-ups for additions. Understand, too, that while finding Internet connections is getting easier, it can still be a challenge. So while I strive to write the diary every day, I am rarely able to upload it every day. Have patience.

Sunday, May 5 - Seattle to Paris via Minneapolis
Monday, May 6 - Hanging Out in Roissy
Tuesday, May 7 - Paris to Izmir via Istanbul
Wednesday, May 8 - A Down Day in Selcuk
Thursday, May 9 - Exploring Ephesus
Friday, May 10 - The Road to Gulluk

Saturday, May 11 - On the Waterfront
Sunday, May 12 - Beautiful Bodrum
Monday, May 13 - Singing in the Rain
Tuesday, May 14 - Wrapping it Up in Gulluk
Wednesday, May 15 - The Road to Kalkan
Thursday, May 16 - The Kalkan Market
Friday, May 17 - Kruisin' Around Kas

Saturday, May 18 - Xanthos
Sunday, May 19 - Kicking Back in Kalkan
Monday, May 20 - The Road to Belek
Tuesday, May 21 - Antik Side
Wednesday, May 22 - Perge and Beyond
Thursday, May 23 - Aspendos ... Almost
Friday, May 24 - Off to Istanbul
Saturday, May 25 - Big Day in Istanbul

Sunday, May 26 - Under and Over
Monday, May 27 - Topkapi Palace
Tuesday, May 28 - Filling In the Blanks
Wednesday, May 29 - Wrapping It Up in Istanbul
Thursday, May 30 - Paris to Seattle via New York

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