Watch this space for the daily diary of a wandering restaurateur in Alsace-Lorraine

We are travelers, not tourists and devotees of the idea of slow travel. So we're spending the holidays in the Alsace region of northeast France, just across the Rhine river from Germany and an hour north of the Swiss border. (It's easier than decorating our house for Christmas!) We've rented an apartment in the historic center of medieval Colmar and look forward to two weeks of slowing down to the speed of life and becoming temporary locals. As is my custom, I will be posting a daily photo diary of the trip, speaking to what we saw and did as well as the lessons learned and insights gained -- both personal and professional -- along the way.

The first pass on the daily diary may be posted in an abbreviated form just due to time pressures. As other thoughts occur -- or as I notice typos -- I'll often update previously posted pages with additional commentary and new photos. After all, good writing is good re-writing and the author in me is always seeking to clarify and amplify my thoughts. So if you find the running commentary interesting, you might want to re-check some of the previous write-ups for additions and corrections.

Fortunately, Wifi has made an Internet connection much easier to find, so access isn't the problem it once was. But despite the time I devote to the trip report (and each one takes several hours), my purpose in making the trip is not to produce a daily report on schedule. So while I strive to get the diary posted promptly, it doesn't always happen. Such is life in the slow lane.

Tuesday, December 13 - Seattle to Paris via San Francisco
Wednesday, December 14 - Paris to Colmar via Basel and Mulhouse
Thursday, December 15 - Getting There is Half the Work
Friday, December 16 - Jet Lag R Us
Saturday, December 17 - Cruising the Christmas Markets

Sunday, December 18 - A Down Day in Colmar
Monday, December 19 - No Joy in Mudville
Tuesday, December 20 - Dolce Far Niente
Wednesday, December 21 - Out of the Woods?
Thursday, December 22 - One Step at a Time
Friday, December 23 - Rambling Around Riquewihr
Saturday, December 24 - Christmas Eve

Sunday, December 25 - Joyeaux Noel
Monday, December 26 - Happy Anniversary to Us!
Tuesday, December 27 - Rapidly Riding the Rails
Wednesday, December 28 - Paris to Seattle via Los Angeles

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