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$724.61 of Business-Building Material from The Restaurant Doctor for just $19.95You may wonder why I would offer you $724.61 worth of my best Money-Making, Business-Building Information and Advice for FREE (just 19.95 S&H, 24.95 international).

It’s because I’m trying to get you "hooked!" That’s right. I am shamelessly attempting to get you addicted to my common sense -- and slightly unconventional -- way of looking at the hospitality business. If that happens, I believe you will see how to actually get more done with less effort, attract a growing group of loyal patrons and re-kindle the passion you once had for your work.

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Gift #1

You’ll get the DVD of the eye-opening presentation I gave at my annual Super Summit -- "Marketing Secrets of the Soup Nazi: How To Generate More Sales by Offering Less and Making it Harder to Buy"

(This program also features highly respected restaurant consultants Phyllis Ann Marshall and Molly Hancock.)

When you think of marketing, do you think of how to sell the most product to the greatest number of people? Do you think the best way to build sales is to always give the guests what they want? If so, you may be working too hard and missing a golden opportunity.

It all sounds counter-intuitive, but this contrarian session will give you a totally new way to think of your business ... and some fresh insights on how to grow it.

This amazing program is only available on DVD and even then, only as part of the full video archive of the Super Summit ... but I split this session out to give you a "taste" so you will understand just how powerful the Super Summit can be.

Value: $97.00

Gift #2


  • You’ll get the Management Insight Series (MIS) interview with Van Eure, owner of the Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC. Van was honored as the 2004 IFMA Gold Plate winner, officially recognizing her as the best restaurateur in the country.
  • You’ll get the MIS interview with Phyllis Ann Marshall talking about food. After you spend an hour with Phyllis Ann, I promise you will never look at your menu -- or your kitchen -- the same way again!
  • You’ll get the sound track from my staff training DVD, "What Every Service Pro Should Know About People" and the facilitator’s guide. I will also give you a $50 credit toward purchase of the DVD.

Value: $112.75

Gift #3

How about a FREE BOOK?

Gift #3 is a copy of the book Home Remedies: A House Call From The Restaurant Doctor. This is 150 pages of my best stuff, taken from the first several years of my original Home Remedies newsletter.

There are some very powerful ideas in here. Some will make you smile, some may irritate you, but all should make you rethink what you "know" ... and that will make all the difference.

Value: $16.95

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Gift #4

Enjoy THREE FULL MONTHS of The Restaurant Doctor’s Gold Group Membership:

For the next three months you will be a complimentary member of my Gold Group after which you will automatically become a paid subscriber unless (and until) you tell me to cancel your subscription. Here is just part of what you will receive:

  • The Electronic House Call, my weekly e-letter
  • The monthly Home Remedies newsletter
  • The monthly MIS interview on CD
  • You can join the monthly Gold Group teleconference.
  • You will have access to the Gold Group online forum.

A Gold Group subscription is currently just 39.97 a month, so you can see that this is a real deal.

Value: $119.91

Gift #5

You can take GOLD GROUP DISCOUNTS of up to 30% on all Bill’s products, events and services.

This gift in itself is PRICELESS ... but let me mention just two of the ways you can save big with this particular gift:

  • Take a $250 scholarship to my annual SUPER SUMMIT in addition to any early registration price breaks.
  • Save $50 on COST CONTROL COMPASS, a slick little computer program that lets you know your food cost ... every day ... without having to take (and price) an inventory.

Value: $300.00

Gift #6


  • Building Sales Without Selling introduces a no-risk way for your service staff to increase their checks (and their tips) without the risks of suggestive selling ... PLUS these eight other Special Reports:
  • How to Get the Right People ... the First Time! Are you tired of hiring people who "give good interview" but do not perform well on the job? Would you like a way to separate the good workers from those who just want a check? If so, this is your key.
  • The Cost of Failure. What does it really cost you when you lose a guest? The answer may shock you. It will certainly be a shock to your service staff! This special report lays it all out so you can help your crew to grasp it.
  • The Power of Presence. The secret to maintaining your balance, connecting with your staff, guests (and family) is simpler than you may think. This report gives you the secret ... and an easy way to make the point to your staff.
  • The Anatomy of Service. Why would someone have a good time and another person at the same table leave in a huff? Service is more than techniques, it is a state of mind. This report will help you understand it from a new angle.
  • The Positive Side of Complaints. Nobody likes to get complaints, but if you know how to mine it, there’s gold in those gripes. This report will help you and your staff see the positive side of problems so you can profit from them.
  • Toward More Productive Staff Meetings. If you have to pull teeth and make threats to get your staff to attend your meetings, the fault may be in your idea of what the meeting is for. This report will help you understand what to do and why it works.
  • Productive Positions. This report outlines an exciting new way to define jobs that can actually improve worker productivity, help with retention, make performance appraisal painless and lead to happier staff and guests.
  • Developing Word-of-Mouth. Everybody says (positive) word-of-mouth is the best advertising ... but it is not just a happy accident. It can, and should, be a very carefully crafted marketing program. This report shows you how to do it.
  • PLUS You’ll get the 24-page WOW Ideas Survey where 133 operators from all over the world share best practices for setting yourself apart from the competition and blowing your guests away.

Value: $78.00

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