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My original intent with the EHC was to make it short and sweet -- a two-minute read max. Over the years it grew well past that simple goal, partially because I also viewed it as a resource for my Gold Group members.

As the time required to read the EHC expanded, so did the time required to put it together. While it was still very much a labor of love for me, the thought occurred that the longer version was overkill for many readers, particularly as the volume of everyone's e-mail increases. (Plus, truthfully, it was becoming a lot of work to do for free!)

For many readers, less may actually be more. so I made the complimentary version much shorter so you could read it quickly and get back to work. If the value of the EHC for you is to provide a quick lift and a fresh idea, then the Comp Edition may offer just the right dose of medicine. (I am the doctor, after all!)

But if you want more, you can subscribe to the EHC Special Edition. It contains three times the information of the Complimentary Edition ... for a nominal annual subscription of $39 -- that's just 75 cents an issue!

The dual format on my e-letter lets you choose the level of information you can absorb. My hope is that the option of receiving as much -- or as little -- as you want will help the EHC remain a welcome resource that you look forward to reading.

The subscription to the Special Edition is just $39 for a full year -- that's 52 weekly issues for about 75 cents an issue ... and you only have to sign up once.

Yes, that means that the subscription will automatically renew every year , but don't panic. I will send you get two notices before it does (30 days and 15 days prior) so you will have plenty of time to decline before the charge is made.

If you don't open your mail and the charge happens, send me an email within 15 days of the charge, say you want to cancel and I will issue a credit. I can't be much more fair than that.

At some point I am going to come to my senses and realize that the Special Edition requires way too much work for the revenue it generates ... so please act quickly or risk getting closed out.

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