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Some topics require a full day to develop properly. These workshops are hands-on events that offer extensive interaction both with the seminar leader and with other seminar attendees. Using case studies and situations from their own operations, attendees will develop a working knowledge of the seminar material and create specific plans that they can put to work immediately.

Prospering in the Age of Service
   Mastering the Human Dimension of Hospitality

Guest-Based Marketing
   How to Build Volume Without Breaking Your Budget

Find Em, Pick Em, Keep Em
   Hot to Create and Maintain a Service-Oriented Staff

Mastering the Human Dimension of Hospitality

Does it seem like you are working harder and falling farther behind? Does your operation seem to be getting more complicated to manage? Did you ever think that there had to be an easier way to run a business? It is time to acknowledge that if what you are doing was going to work, it would already be working! The simple truth is that as your business expands, your thinking has to expand along with it. You cannot be successful into the new century using the management models of the past.

It is becoming obvious that the competitive climate (and your guests' expectations) are changing. Not too long ago, it was enough to just get the job done. But the name of the game is service and true service is a state of mind, not a checklist. In the age of service, how you do the job determines how well you will prosper. The key to success in this new era lies in improving your understanding of people and how they work together to create a climate where the guest feels well-served and the needs of the company are also satisfied.

Hospitality is clearly a "people business," yet few operators have had any real training about what makes people tick. In an eye-opening full-day workshop, The Restaurant Doctor will share breakthrough insights into human functioning that can help you materially improve your guest service and profitability by enhancing both the quality and results of your management activities. This is not some new organizational strategy - it is an entirely fresh perspective on the game itself!

One CEO who took to heart the common-sense principles presented in this program and turned his entire organization around from the inside out, recently described his "new" company this way:

Imagine ...

... a work place where the environment is calm, yet people are intensely involved in work activities.
... business meetings so enjoyable and productive that people leave more energized than when they arrived.
... managers making decisions based on reflection rather than from fear or by knee jerk reaction to circumstances.
... a work force so resilient that disruptive factors like disappointment and change have but a very temporary effect.
... the energy so often wasted dealing with interpersonal and individual stress being put, instead, into the work itself.
... an environment where there's no concern about motivating people with incentives or pressure since people are generally happy and productive.
... morale at such a high level that staff and managers arrive home from work in a state of mind that actually increases the well-being of the people in their lives, rather than detracting from it.
... an organization that has trust and confidence in its staff, allowing them to be responsible for their own thinking.
... a happy, healthy and productive group of men and women who actualize levels of ability and service which they did not even know they were capable of.
... taking your company to a higher level than you ever dreamed possible through accessing the fundamental innate intelligence of your staff.

If you would like this to be an accurate description of your company (and it honestly could be) you should attend this program. This high level of functioning is available to any operation when the leadership gains a wider vision of what is possible. While everyone in the organization will benefit from understanding the simple concepts presented in this program, the climate of an organization always starts at the top. To realize the full impact of this new thinking, all persons in key leadership positions in the company - from the owner and managers through the first line supervisors - should be involved.


How to Build Volume Without Breaking Your Budget

Every restaurateur wants to build sales but nobody has an unlimited advertising budget and most operators have had only limited success with more traditional sales-building approaches. Fortunately, there is way to boost volume that is simpler, more effective and much less risky than anything you have ever tried before.

Based on extensive, real-world experience gathered from a wide variety of foodservice operations, Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor has evolved GBM, a painless prescription that will help you not only increase your gross sales but gain the enthusiastic backing of both your guests and your staff in the process!

This unconventional full-day workshop, based on material from a new book-in-process, will show you a deceptively simple system that is proven to build volume even in a highly-competitive market or a slow economy. Of course, achieving this success will involve a shift of thinking at the management level and will certainly take some work to fully implement. . . but it will work and it will not require a pile of money! Best of all, you will have a safe way to increase both sales volume and guest satisfaction with the full support of your staff! Among other things, this program will help you understand:

... what management can do to build sales
The success of any organization starts at the top. The first step is to understand what it will take to boost sales without increasing pressure on guests or staff. From there you will have what you need to start creating an action plan for your operation. It's easier (and more fun) than you think, but it won't happen by itself - you will have to take the initiative. The good news is that you can "knock their socks off" without losing your shirt! This program will offer some valuable, common sense ideas:

Why your staff has been fighting selling techniques and how to get them on your side
How to use festivals to increase dining frequency
Great ideas that will increase the connection that guests feel with your restaurant
Effective ways to provide discounts without getting into the coupon game
How to set up a frequent diner plan that works for everyone
Over 100 proven guest-pleasers from operations across North America
Simple, low-cost (or no-cost) enhancements that can set you apart from the competition
How to generate (and control) strong word-of-mouth advertising for your operation

... what your staff can do to build sales
The guests' experience of your operation is shaped by the quality of their interactions with your staff so their effectiveness is essential in building sales. The program we will outline has received an enthusiastic reception from servers all across the country. How's that for a refreshing change of pace from force-feeding them sales techniques? Among topics we will discuss:

A 5-step process to build sales without putting any direct pressure on raising the check average
A simple, risk-free way to build sales that your staff (and your guests) will love!
How to assure that your patrons will talk about you ... and say the things you want them to say!
A simple habit at the end of the meal that can increase repeat patronage (and tips) significantly
A basic human touch that your guests crave (and most of your competitors probably don't even understand)
50 simple ideas that will help your staff delight your diners

... how to keep score
No matter what the game, you can only play to win when you know the score. To improve your level of guest service, it is essential to have an practical way to measure your effectiveness. Among other things, you will learn:

Four ways to get accurate feedback and how to use them most effectively
Simple questions that can improve your "table side manner" with guests
Statistics every profit-minded manager should keep (hint: check average is not one of them!)

... how to effectively implement changes
Experience has shown that the impact of this material on the daily operation will be directly proportional to the degree to which it is effectively passed along to the staff and reinforced on the job. To help you get these ideas to "stick," the seminar will conclude with specific suggestions on how to implement this material and hold more productive staff meetings when you share these concepts with your crew.


How to Create and Sustain a Service-Oriented Staff

Foodservice is a people business but you can't do good business if you don't have good people! In fact, your skill in staff recruitment, selection and retention can make or break your reputation. It is critical to find a way to stack the odds in your favor. But how can you get organized when there are so many other things on your plate? And if you don't get your act together before things get busy, when do you think you are going to find the time?

In a full-day, common sense seminar, Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor , will share some potent ideas from his Surefire Staff Selection System and his book, From Turnover to Teamwork. Among other things, this program will tip you off to the following:

Where and how to recruit the people you want
6 factors that can make you the best employer in town and help draw the pros to your door
How to be sure every applicant receives a positive first impression of your operation ... every time
A guaranteed way to get 50% of job applicants to screen themselves out
How to separate great workers from applicants who just "give great interview"
4 qualities all successful foodservice workers have in common and how to identify them in 60 seconds
How to get a realistic picture of what it is like to work for your company
How to create and maintain rapport between staff and management
A simple format for performance review that works for everyone
15 hints that can help enhance the feeling of teamwork in your organization

You will leave this program with a new understanding of how to get the right people -- the first time -- and how to keep them once you have found them! You will have forms and guides that you can duplicate and use immediately. You will see how to use your existing crew to handle significant portions of the staff selection process which will improve morale and free up your time for other tasks. Best of all, you will understand how to improve productivity and slow the revolving door while improving both guest service and profitability!


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