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Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor, is a leading foodservice consultant with services that can help any restaurant make more moneyThe majority of my work is oriented toward helping independent operators figure things out for themselves. Ultimately, it is their responsibility to handle whatever challenges they face. However, there are certainly times when a personal "house call" from the Doc is the appropriate prescription.

For example, as a third party authority, I can often help your staff and management grasp a particular concept or approach where they might not hear it from you. (Familiarity and all that, you know.) This is why I am invited in so often to deliver presentations at corporate conventions and managers meetings.

As a consultant, I bring over four decades of varied experience in the industry -- and exposure to thousands of operations all over the world -- to bear on your particular issues. Without that outside perspective, it is easy for the operation to get excessively inbred and miss some potentially profitable opportunities.

In addition, I offer coaching assistance in a number of formats -- monthly newsletters, teleconferences, interviews with people doing interesting things in the industry, telephone consultation and recurring conferences ... all the way to a small, high-level Mastermind Group. Please take a look at the various options ... and then let's discuss possibilities.

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