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Selling Rooms and Space With Style & Grace

Full HouseTrade paperback, 154 pages, 5½"x8½"
Copyright 2000
Published by Hospitality Masters Press<

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About the Author:
Stephanie Horton helps hotel sales executives reach their full potential through the power of common courtesy. Stephanie is a professional speaker and conducts training in international protocol, business etiquette and dining skills through her company, Pacific Rim Protocol.

Her passion for building solid customer relationships using old-fashioned good manners is practical, catching and most of all, FUN! A former television news producer and hotel sales director, Stephanie understands pressure -- the pressure to produce numbers, to meet deadlines, to generate new business and to build long-term relationships with clients and co-workers.

In the race to build customer connections, Stephanie puts good manners first ... and does so with flair. Her easy-going style and sense of humor set the stage for an entertaining new approach to how to do business more profitably -- with style and grace.

Stephanie is a University of Washington graduate, with practical experience in communications, television, hospitality sales and guest service and was formerly the meetings/hotel manager for the Weyerhaeuser Company in Washington. She is a member of the National Business Travel Association, the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International, Meeting Professionals International and the National Speakers Association. Recognized by the Convention Liaison Council as a Certified Meetings Professional, Stephanie is also certified by The Protocol School of Washington® in Washington D.C.

What others are saying about this book:

"The content is great ... a lot of good ideas! This book speaks to the hotel sales person -- really any sales person -- and is written in easy-to-understand language."-- Rebecca Partman, CMP CEO, INternational SITES, Ltd.

"Hospitality sales is truly a fine art ... the little things are so important in presenting yourself and your product. This book is right on target for sales people who need to understand how planners perceive their actions."
-- Lynn Edwards, CMP Director of Sales, Ocean Shores Visitors and Conv. Bureau

“This is a must-read book for anyone who ever has to sell anything to anybody ... and that is just about everyone who engages in business!”
-- Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor™, Effortless, Inc.

“A practical, authoritative and very readable guide to those all-important business skills that are so often neglected in training for a successful career in hospitality sales. These trade tidbits can catapult your career from the mundane into satisfaction and success.”
-- Chris Brandmeir, Program Manager, Hotel & Tourism Management Program, Highline Community College

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Do your clients enjoy being with you?

If they do, they will bring you business. If not, someone else will get the call.

The simple way to make sure your clients like you – and want to do business with you – is mind your manners. That’s right! In the competitive field of hospitality sales, taking your business etiquette and dining skills for granted can prove to be a costly mistake.

In this no-nonsense guide, manners maven Stephanie Horton raises a glass to successful sales – through the power of common courtesy. Whether you are a seasoned hospitality sales pro or about to start your first day on the job, improving your business savvy will help your reputation and sales numbers grow.

How do your etiquette skills measure up?

  • When hosting a client for dinner, who should choose the restaurant? You or the client?
  • Your client should enjoy the "best seat in the house" for your business luncheon. Which is it?
  • At a company event, your client lavishes you with praise to the assembled executives and proposes a toast to YOU! What should you do?
  • You must leave the table. What should you say? Where do you put your napkin?
  • You have finished lunch with your client and are getting ready to leave. Is it acceptable to refresh your lipstick at the table?

OK, you know about the lipstick, but if you use this book to refresh your business etiquette skills, you can spend your time concentrating on the business at hand ... not worrying about which roll is yours! (You do know which one that is, don’t you?)

Selling Rooms and Space With Style & Grace


01. The sales value of common courtesy
02. Developing a saleable style and grace
03. Both sides of the fence


04. The magic formula for good manners
05. Getting to know each other
06. Respecting your team

07. They like me!
08. Telephone etiquette
09. Cell phone etiquette

10. e-mail etiquette
11. Handshaking
12. Easy introductions
13. Remembering names

14. The sales call
15. Arranging client meetings
16. Meeting clients on their turf

17. The perfect hotel tour
18. What if something goes wrong?
19. When your client stays overnight

20. Setting the stage
21. Dining with style
22. Table taboos

23. Table talk
24. Meal mechanics
25. Dining details

26. Cheers!
27. How to eat specific foods
28. Events and receptions
29. The power of tea

30. RSVP – Please reply
31. Business card tips
32. An international briefing

33. Tipping
34. Little things we take for granted
35. Gender issues

36. Maintaining your edge
37. You are what you wear
38. Judging a book by its cover
39. The finishing touch: YOU

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