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The Great CD Sell-Off

If there ever was a time when operators need all the proven business-building ideas they can get, this is surely it. The good news is that there is a great untapped resource to draw on ... if you act quickly.

Since April 2000, subscribers to my Management Insight Series have received a monthly CD interview with someone in the industry who was doing interesting things -- dozens of discussions and thousands of great ideas over nine years.

Depending on which program they were part of at the time, subscribers paid $18.75-$39.97 a month to get these CDs which were never available to non-members. There were always a few CDs left every month, though, and now there are more than 220 POUNDS of them in the garage ... over 5000 extra disks!

My first thought was to make them premiums for other purchases but I really don't want to be "selling stuff" much longer. In fact, I am gradually phasing out all other pursuits to focus on bringing A Place of Hospitality into being.

But it is obviously time to clean house. It is also obvious that every independent operator could use a few fresh ideas ... which leads me to solve two problems at once with this special offer:

You can get ten different MIS interviews for just $29.95 ... and I will even pay for the shipping! That's a wealth of insight for less than it cost to produce the CDs in the first place! You can't find a better deal than that!

(Hint: The selection is totally random. If you want more than ten CDs (and at this price, why wouldn't you?) order multiple sets at the same time and I will be sure there are no duplications. If you place separate orders I can't make that guarantee.)

Order NowThere are hundreds of years of collective wisdom in this series -- ideas to help you stand out from the herd and dominate your market. But when the supply is gone ... well, that's it for the forseeable future. Some titles are in VERY limited supply, so sooner is definitely better than later.

REALLY want a deal?
If you can use audio cassettes, I found a bunch of those in the pile as well. While the supply lasts, they are just ten for $19.95. Click here to order cassettes.

Here are examples of the topics we discuss on these CDs (and a few DVDs):

Phyllis Ann Marshall - Food
Randy Rayburn - Operations
Robert Kausen - Human Resources
Molly Hancock - Staff Retention
Joel Cohen - Internet Marketing
Banger Smith - Menus
Don Smith - Coaching
Eric Chester - Generation WHY
Paul Paz - Service
Barry Cohen - WOW Marketing
Susan Clarke - Attitude
Tom Griffith - HR & Beyond
Loret Carbone -People
Stan Clark - Merchandise
Bill Main - Operations
Max Hitchins - Marketing
Harry Bond - The Future
Molly Hancock - Crisis Planning
Van Eure - Operations
Kathy Davis -Smoking
Roger Herman - The Future
Rufus Pritchard - Labor Force
Michael Jordan - Wine
Robert Kausen - Relationships
Shep Hyken - Service
Jim Laube - Fiscal Fitness
Michael Attius - Catering
Amy Spector - PR
Jay Siff - Marketing
Claudia Carr - Training
Jim Laube - Business
Karen Cooley - Life Cycle
Teresa Siriani - People
Paul Saginaw - Zingermans
Tim Hanni - Wine
Ron Yudd - Managers
Don Smith - Hospitality
Marc Slutsky - Marketing
Bill Marvin - Cutting Costs w/o Cutting Your Throat
Rudy Miick - Leadership
Vern Hoven - Tax Updates
Alan Rosen - Tax Credits
Chip Deglinkta - Scams
Dick Ayers - Restaurant Value
Bill Marvin - Cashing In On Complaints
Robert Kausen - Learning
Steve Miller - Independent Operators
Robert Kausen - Absorbent Listening
Robert Kausen - The Power Of Presence
Gerry Fernandez - Multi Cultural Diversity
Bill Marvin - Independent Operators
Phyllis Ann Marshall - Rebranding
Joel Cohen - Marketing
Dan Kennedy - Renegade Marketing Secrets
Ralph Brennan - Katrina
Don Smith - Management
Bill Marvin - Five Great Ways To Build Sales
Michael Oshman - Green Restaurants
Carrie Van Dyke & Ron Zimmerman - Herb Farm
Bob Brown - Coaching
Bill Marvin - In Search Of The Silver Bullet
George Warren - Growth
Robert Kausen - Getting Through
Bob Baker - Physicality
Bill Marvin - We Don't Need Another Place To Eat
Chuck Hunt - Trans Fats
Dan Kennedy, Rory Fatt & Rene Morse - Marketing
Bill Marvin - How To Increase Your Bottom Line 50%
Bob Johnson - Bar Operations
Cameron Mitchell - Expansion
Bill Marvin - Finding The Right People
Larry Clark - Younger Workers
Dave Brauer - Insurance
Joel Cohen - Results
Bill Marvin - How To Prosper In Tough Times
Dennis Lombardi - Survival

The information in these interviews could truly give you an unfair advantage ... if you use it. Pass the disks around to your key people. Delegate your listening. Discuss possibilities ... and then DO THE WORK!

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