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Bill Marvin, The Restaurant DoctorHere are a few representative comments on presentations by Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor :

... from seminar attendees:

"I loved your seminars! Most of the programs I've attended have been like Chinese food -- two days later and you're hungry again! In contrast, the common sense and power of your ideas have stuck with me. You brought us many great insights and intelligent solutions and provided a much-needed sense of humor to our serious business. More important, by utilizing several of your concepts, our F&B sales were up 26% last year and another 22% on top of that this year. What's more, we're having more fun than ever!"
- Donald James, General Manager, Fitger's Brewery Complex, Duluth, MN

"The content of the seminar demonstrated creative and intelligent solutions as well as new thought patterns. I am stimulated by your ideas and will implement many of them. Your wisdom, education and hands-on experience are clearly evident."
- Michael Hayes, F&B; Director, The Outlaw Inn, Kalispell, MT

"Don and I want to express how much we enjoyed the seminar. As evidenced by our large purchase, we were [also] quite impressed with the materials you presented. The systems you have developed are simple, operations-oriented and comprehensive."
- Jeff Thompson, Owner, Bozo's Hot Pit BBQ, Mason, TN

"The focus on the customer/guest was refreshing. Your ideas are very invigorating - very motivating. [I particularly liked] the notions that we don't have to be bad to get better and that we are constantly capable of getting better without necessarily working harder."
- W. C. Wells, Partner, Taylor Vaughn's Dinner House, Portland, OR

"Witty, informative, intelligent, entertaining! These are the words I would use to describe Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor and his very contemporary presentations. We brought Bill to Sarasota last year to give our staff one of his service-oriented seminars and it was well worth the investment."
- Stan Ferro, Owner, Ophelia's Restaurant, Sarasota, FL

"I can't thank you enough for your seminar! Thank you for setting the standards straight and addressing all of our questions. Thanks, too, for taking the time to go the extra mile with a smile!
-Helen Cheltowski, Owner, I-Go-Inn Restaurant, Edinburg, NY

"I loved your seminar! What a great perspective my managers got from you! Do you remember my saying that we needed an 8% sales growth to meet this year's budget? Well, February and March sales were up 30% over last year!"
-Dan DeGrace, Owner, Benjamin's Restaurant, Durham, NH

"I was so very impressed with your seminar, how you held my attention (I didn't look at my watch the entire session), your humorous approach that makes our serious business more fun and how organized you were with our time."
- Kim McDaniel, Server, Regas Restaurant, Knoxville, TN

Other Comments from Seminar Attendees

"I got more from this one day than from three days in other programs."
"The ideas are simple and can apply to many different type operations."
"It was an innovative approach that can set my restaurant apart."
"It was complete with lots of examples. The follow-through was great!"
"Many items were covered in a different way that you would think of."
"I highly recommend it to anyone interested in increasing sales."
"I see now how we can make positive changes with little or no effort."
"Very positive. The best ways to build repeat business are some of the easiest!"
"The information can be used right away without a lot of investment."
"This was practical, hands-on advice for any level of restaurant."
"A lot of concrete ideas ready for immediate implementation."
"Competitors are missing the boat on how to take care of their guests. Great!"

... and from the sponsors:

"I would like to thank you for such a powerful seminar with our organization. I have spoken to many of the employees who attended and it seems that your wisdom has made an immediate impact on their philosophy of management and how to motivate and deal with our staff."
- Lance Kasten, Phillips Seafood Restaurants, Washington, DC

"We always receive rave reviews on your sessions and this time was no exception. You are an excellent speaker and a lot of fun to work with."
- Connie Cornelius, Missouri Restaurant Association

"I would like to thank you for delivering an outstanding presentation at our Fall Management Conference. Your seminar was very well-received and the reaction was positive. The presentation was timely and informative."
- Richie Jackson, Texas Restaurant Association

"Thank you for a superb presentation on building member support. We have received many excellent comments on the materials, content and yourself."
- F. Cameron Janati, Evergreen Chapter, Club Managers Assn of America

"Thank you for sharing your hiring tips with us. I found the questions and answers to be informative and will certainly try them out in the future. Thank you also for the handout. As a speaker, I would like to compliment you on your presentation. You were organized and to the point."
- Brenda Rowe, Colorado Restaurant Association, Boulder County Chapter

"I just wanted to express my appreciation again for the talk you did. The enthusiasm you display for sharing your professional skill is a wonderful example for us all. I certainly heard good comments from the attendees -- you make us think about possibilities!"
- Pauleta Terven, RD, Memorial Hospital, Colorado Springs, CO

"Many thanks for being the educational hit of the TFIA Convention! Some comments from attendees: 'This has been the best program I have attended at this convention,' 'Bill Marvin is a super educator and motivator!' 'Bill Marvin was an outstanding speaker!!' Attendees were asked ... what they would like to see at future conventions and many responded 'More from Bill Marvin!'"
- Paul Hardin, Texas Food Industry Association

"WOW! What an unbelievable program! The staff at parkway and our customers are still humming from your presentation. I would personally recommend your program to anyone in the food service industry regardless of their experience. Judging from the feedback we received,your program was a tremendous success and everyone who attended is hungry for more. With this much success we would like to have you back again to help make our 1997 Food Show a learning experience for everyone."
- Charlie Rose, Parkway Food Service, Tampa, FL

"Your keynote address was, as I expected, excellent! Several conference attendees commented to me regarding the common sense aspects of your presentation. I was particularly pleased with the graphic presentation. Your utilization of pictures of our people make a wonderful speech even more effective."
- Greg Hopkins, NACUFS Conference Chairman, Eastern Kentucky University

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